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The National Economic & Fiscal Commission is provided for under Section 187H of the National Constitution of Papua New Guinea. 

NEFC Operates under the following specific Legislations:
  • Organic Law on Provincial & Local Level Governments (OLPLLG) -Section 117
  • Intergovernmental Relations (Functions & Funding) Act 2009 and;
  • NEFC Act 2009 

The National Economic and Fiscal Commission is headed by Mr Hohora Suve as the Chairman/CEO. The NEFC secretariat comprises of 26 staff under the revised structure.

The NEFC Commission was re-established after an absence for many years. This ensures that the Commission now complies with its legislative obligations. The Commissioners were approved by the Minister and their inaugural meeting was held in July 2016. The Commission has a wealth of experience which will be a valuable asset in guiding the Commission and progressing with the decentralised reforms.

The other two members of the Commission are: Dr Alphonse Gelu (Phd) and Mr Uve Rovanama.

The NEFC is a small but dynamic agency in terms of public policy reforms. As a lead agency, it has been spearheading the implementation of the Reforms of Intergovernmental Financing Arrangements since its commencement in 2008. This was following the passage of amendments to the Organic Law on Provincial and Local-level Government giving effect to the implementation. The Intergovernmental Relations (Functions and Funding) Act 2009 was also passed on March of the same year, which contains details of how the new system of financing arrangement works. 

National Economic & Fiscal Commission:
Kumul Haus, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
P O Box 566, Waigani, NCD , Papua New Guinea
Tel: +675 323 3024/ +675 323 2549
Fax: +675 323 2699  * 


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