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The National Economic and Fiscal Commission (NEFC) is an independent Constitutional advisory body of the State. It was established under the Organic Law on Provincial Governments and Local Level Governments (OLGPLLG).
To find out more about the work of NEFC, click here ( the introductory message from the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer).


Mother Graph: Summary of the Reform of Intergovernmental Financing Arrangements (RIGFA). more.

Provincial Budgets Model:
Summary of all Income and Expenditure of the Provinces. more.

Provincial Expenditure - Trend Analysis: Five years of Trend Data Analysis of provincial more.

Score Cards: An assessment of Provincial Budgets. more.

Fiscal Report:
NEFC's contribution to the National Budget more.

Minimum Priority Activities (MPA): The 11 Minimum Priority Activities that Provinces must fund from their Function Grants more.

Warrant Release:
National Government Goods & Services Funding released to Provincial & Local-level Government. more.

Costs of Services: The costs of delivering basic services. more.

Regional Workshop:
Currently Updating Content. more.

Chart of Accounts:
Currently Updating Content. more.